ROZARIO was at the forefront of advising not-for-profit organizations on tax exemption matters and business development.

ROZARIO wins Article 78 Proceeding on behalf of active member of Not-for-Profit Corporation to inspect corporate books and records of said corporate on allegations of accounting fraud and errors.

> Bankruptcy and Corporate Restructuring

ROZARIO represented a contract vendee and creditor in possession of real property in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceeding Through various strategies, we were successful in acquiring the right to have our client purchase the real property at a discounted price, with various beneficial concessions.

ROZARIO represented a transferee party in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceeding based in Southern District of Florida, Miami Division and successfully negotiates a favorable settlement on behalf of our client to avoid a lengthy and costly bankruptcy action.

> Commercial Transactions

ROZARIO represents individuals and entities seeking to purchase or sell franchises, closely held businesses and equipment.

ROZARIO works with clients at all stages of commercial transactions. We negotiate and draft all forms of commercial agreements including sale and distribution agreements, licensing agreements and manufacturing agreements. We assist our clients with the leasing of personal or real property.


ROZARIO acted as corporate counsel in negotiating option contract on behalf of client who was in foreclosure.

ROZARIO acted as investigative counsel for client in identifying potential fraud in a real estate transaction agreement.

ROZARIO wins cross-motion to dismiss complaint in a foreclosure case by a lender which failed to comply with a condition precedent to filing suit.

ROZARIO wins motion to reinstate modification and forbearance agreement, where lender claimed that borrower breached said agreement by failing to pay outstanding real estate taxes and DEP water charges.

ROZARIO counseled foreclosure defense clients on a wide range of legal issues on standing and notice requirements in efforts to retain ownership of their homes.

ROZARIO acted as lead corporate counsel in drafting and negotiating transfer agreements of HDFC owned buildings from one not-for-profit sponsor to another.

ROZARIO successfully represented two purchasers of investment cooperative apartment in trendy Queens, New York neighborhood.

ROZARIO successfully represented a purchaser of a cooperative apartment in the Bronx, New York.

ROZARIO successfully represented Bank in purchase and sale of 2-family house in Brooklyn, New York.

ROZARIO advises on a multi-million dollar real estate deal on a investment property in Brooklyn, New York.

ROZARIO advises on a $15 million land acquisition from a private developer to our not-for-profit client to develop senior housing and low-income housing for residents in Brooklyn, New York.

ROZARIO advises on the acquisition of a multi-million dollar real estate property in Brooklyn, New York.

After creative and extensive legal maneuvering, ROZARIO was able to obtain judgment against supermarket in Housing Court for $140,000.00 and subsequently was able to obtain same on behalf of its client.

ROZARIO defeats motion for summary judgment by tenant who claimed landlord illegally converted building to a multiple dwelling and overcharged her.

ROZARIO successfully negotiated a significantly reduced fine levied against landlord’s building by HPD, with said agency having claimed sustained numerous housing code violations.

After an extensive battle with the Landlord, ROZARIO was able to restore nightclub owner to possession of the premises after being evicted for alleged non-payment of rent and real estate taxes owed.

ROZARIO compels Insurance Company to settle tort injury claim in favor of our client prior to jury selection after revealing to Insurance Company that its medical expert witness’ fellowship was suspended for one year for testifying falsely and misrepresenting facts and scientific evidence.

ROZARIO plays an instrumental role in relocating hold-out tenant for owner to commence major capital improvements of apartment complex with the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

ROZARIO wins Special Proceeding on behalf of landlord seeking to recover a rent controlled apartment from licensee claiming succession rights.

ROZARIO wins motion to set aside bankruptcy stay in favor of landlord and to proceed with eviction.

ROZARIO wins order to show cause in favor of landlord, brought by former tenant claiming she was previous owner and that current owner/landlord committed fraud to obtain deed and her subsequent eviction.

ROZARIO wins holdover proceeding in favor of landlord based on No-Consideration of lease agreement with commercial tenant who took possession of commercial property but failed to provide the security deposit and first month’s rent.

ROZARIO wins order to show cause on behalf of landlord which was brought by tenant who claimed that landlord’s agreement to accept a reduced amount of arrears from FEPS, who later informed FEPS landlord’s unwillingness to accept the previously agreed upon amount, because of FEPS’ delay in distributing set funds, could not be held to the previously agreed amount and could claim the total amount of arrears due and proceed with eviction.


ROZARIO successfully negotiated a settlement on behalf of a medical doctor who was being sued in federal court for allegedly over billing and committing no-fault insurance fraud against insurance company, without any acknowledgement of culpable conduct on doctor’s part.

ROZARIO wins summary judgment against construction company for substandard work and reimbursement fees.

ROZARIO represented elderly pro-bono client and successfully negotiated a significantly reduced amount and extended payment plan for her nursing home accommodations.

ROZARIO wins motion to vacate default and previously entered judgment against consumer filed by consumer creditor and subsequently settled consumer dispute between the parties.

ROZARIO wins a declaratory judgment against an insurance company to indemnify and add a client as additional insured in negligence lawsuit against client.

ROZARIO obtains favorable settlement for client on eve of jury selection, who was rear ended in automobile case.

ROZARIO settled federal court case against national retail company on behalf of client who claimed she fell on water puddle while shopping at said retailer.

ROZARIO wins summary judgment in favor of building owner, dismissing plaintiff’s complaint whereby plaintiff claimed stairs were defective.

ROZARIO wins summary judgment on liability in rear-end automobile case where defendant claims plaintiff stopped short causing accident.


ROZARIO succeeded in obtaining a confirmation of findings from the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in connection with the dismissal of an employment discrimination claim on behalf of a client employer in the New York State Division of Human Rights brought by a former employee claiming age and disability discrimination.

ROZARIO wins dismissal of employment discrimination claim on behalf of employer in the New York State Division of Human Rights brought by former employee claiming age and disability discrimination.

ROZARIO wins dismissal of ethnic discrimination and housing discrimination against Not-for-Profit Organization before the New York State Division of Human Rights.


ROZARIO takes the forefront in an ongoing investigation into the conduct of an “Escrow Agent” company based in fraud and a fraudulent investment scheme with an attorney, who used attorney’s escrow account to hold our Client’s deposit of $3.5 million and has not returned said sum after due demand.

ROZARIO represents Canadian client in Breach of Contract dispute with New York based Company.

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