Rozario & Associates, P.C. is a New York City-based law firm founded in 2005. Our primary mission is to provide unparalleled client services. Our firm serves individuals as well as businesses of all types and sizes, both in the private and public sector. We have built our reputation on the quality and character of our attorneys and staff members.

At ROZARIO, we take the time to identify our clients’ objectives so we can efficiently serve them in a cost effective manner. Our success rate is a testament to our organically growing practice. We pride ourselves in being a first class, modern, tech-savvy law firm.

Our team consists of a diverse group of talented attorneys, highly skilled paralegals, and professionally trained staff members. We strive to encompass a diverse multi-cultural environment which allows our firm to provide both local and cross-border legal representation in a broad array of legal disciplines.

Since our firm’s inception in 2005, our goals have always remained the same: We are dedicated to superior client services. We strive always to deliver top quality legal services. We are committed to the highest level training and development for all our staff members. We support the local community by providing pro-bono as well as other community support services. We embrace technological advances and adapt to various innovative tools of the legal profession to obtain the optimum results for our clients. Welcome to ROZARIO, where the success of our clients drives the success of our law firm.